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innovative rear house facade architecture for small house ideas

Small Two-Story House with Efficient Interior Circulation Idea

A small two-story house built on perfect lot location. The site where this small two-story house built is located in front of a small park. The rear of the house is facing the small park. Lucky isn’t it? To get full advantage of its location, the rear facade of the house designed in such away…

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square-plan compact cube house architecture design

Modern Cube-shaped House Architecture Design Idea

A 8×8 meter modern cube-shaped house built with cost effective structure concept. This modern cube-shaped house is not precisely 8×8 meter building because a tiny rectangular volume attached at ground floor as room extension. But the first floor of this two-story cube-shaped house has precisely cube form. Thus make total floor area of this seaside…

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mediterranean living room fireplace christmas decoration ideas

Fireplace Christmas Decoration Ideas of Holiday Interior Decor

Christmas 2016 will come soon, so what will you with your fireplace area this year? Here are fireplace Christmas decoration ideas that will become your inspiration to decorate fireplace area for holiday decor. A Christmas decoration for fireplaces really is important because for Christmas holiday season a fireplace is the main spot to celebrate Christmas….

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